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Carter Williams, formerly Carter Insurance and Investments, was established in 1988.

We don’t offer unique products because insurance is considered a commodity. However, our distinction lies in being a boutique agency with access to every market. As brokers, we prioritize businesses’ interests, advocating for them in program and loss/claims negotiations with insurance companies.

We specialize in Professional Errors and Omissions insurance and Group Health insurance.

Our main focus is small business owners. We aim to fully insure their businesses (property, liability, worker’s comp, commercial auto, etc.) and then expand our offerings to include group health insurance for the business, company 401(k) profit sharing for employees, and life insurance for both owners and employees.

We take pride in educating business owners that risk management must be approached as a strategy no different than revenue growth, marketing, and expense control. The most valuable asset of a business owner is their business, and our goal is to shift their perspective on insurance from a burdensome necessity to a strategic asset. Proper insurance coverage is essential, as a single mistake could jeopardize the entire business. Insurance provides crucial protection against future uncertainties, offering peace of mind and security.

Absolutely! Our approach is needs-based, ensuring that solutions are precisely tailored to meet our clients’ strategic needs. We prioritize long-term relationships over short-term gains, preferring to build lifelong partnerships rather than focus on transactional sales.

We are skilled in the following areas: legal professional liability, higher education, construction, and logistics.

Our process starts with a thorough analysis of the business, reviewing current coverage, identifying coverage gaps and proper needs, aligning strategic partners, and providing a professional, transparent proposal. The unique advantage we provide is the subject matter expertise and market availability of a national broker with the service and accessibility of a boutique firm.

Service is how we distinguish ourselves from the competition. We are always accessible, and we provide transparent service-level agreements to ensure accountability and clear, agreed-upon expectations.

We commit to continuing education, attending conferences, and participating in public forums.

Yes! We partner with a variety of national brokers, wholesale brokers, and agency collectives for market access and subject matter expertise.

Currently, we serve clients primarily in the southeastern United States; specifically in Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida. However, we have clients as far north as Maine and as far west as California.

We have a service team that works directly with clients to assist navigating through filing claims specific to each carrier’s process.

Our mission is to help 4,000 people by 2025. We have a deliberate strategic plan that focuses growth in the commercial property & liability insurance line of business supplemented with a cross-sell plan to grow group health and employee benefits lines of business (and vice versa at times). We are also leveraging our partner network to create special programs for Legal Professional Liability Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance for Logistics companies. We commit ourselves to staying flexible and adaptable to be able to adjust to where the opportunities take us.

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