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Miranda Lockaby, a proud native of Blairsville, Georgia, embodies the spirit of her hometown with her profound love and appreciation for its ever-evolving community. Having grown up in Blairsville, she has been privileged to witness firsthand the town’s remarkable development and progress. This allowed for her to foster a deep connection and unwavering commitment to the area. Her genuine passion for her hometown fuels her dedication to contributing positively to its continued growth and prosperity.

As a vibrant and professional administrative assistant at Carter Williams, Miranda offers an honest devotion to her profession. Her unwavering commitment to serve her community can be observed in her thoughtful and compassionate approach at work. With deep joy, she takes pride in guiding clients through the intricate process of future planning, showcasing reliability and becoming an indispensable asset to all. Miranda’s genuine dedication and commitment makes her an invaluable member of the Carter Williams team, enriching the lives of those she serves and fostering strong connections within the community she loves.

Miranda’s position extends beyond administrative responsibilities; she focuses on providing a secure and supportive environment for clients, allowing them to feel confident and well-informed. Her commitment to her position and her community makes her an invaluable member of the team. Miranda’s proactive approach while displaying the principles of service, reliability, and community care, not only enhance the client experience but also contribute to fostering a sense of belonging and trust within the Carter Williams community.

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